Decision to Leave (2022)

#3. Decision to Leave

"There is a certain type of desperation that we've all been through.  Where we search for something more in life and look for answers.  Where we seek resolution.  But sometimes there are no answers and there never was one to begin with.  Sometimes we are just disparate souls desperate for resolution."

A fog and smokescreen cover this film.  A veil, that is aloof, just beyond reach.

Decision to Leave weaves murder, mystery, and love as a matter of fact.  As if all three are intertwined, bound to another like a tether.  When one gives way, so do the others.

The language, the double entendres and dual meanings, feel Hitchcockian.  Where dialogue can be unintentionally construed for humor or passion.  There is an anxious synergy between Hae Jun and Seo Rae, our main characters.  As if each person knows the other's intentions, but often at times, don't know their own.

Park Chan-Wook has always been unrelenting in his approach and in his aim.  But his restraint, his subtlety here, is what truly shines.  You feel like you're sleuthing.

If Decision to Leave is indeed one of the most haunting films of 2022, then I will have fallen to the same illusive fate that Hae Jun does.

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